Hot Tub Use Terms & Conditions

By making a booking for a Hot Tub for North East Chilli Festival by the sea you agree to adhere to the following terms & conditions of use:

  • Glassware must not be used in or around the hot tub
  •  Please ensure feet are clean before entering the hot tub
  • Water temperatures between 34°C – 35°C are recommended
  • Bathers must not exceed the maximum number permitted in the spa pool (5)
  • Children under sixteen must not use the spa pool
  • Bathers must not wear lotions, oils, makeup or skin creams in the spa pool
  • Bathers must use the toilet and shower before entering the spa pool
  • In the event a daily test results in a negative result the hot tub may need to be closed until
    such time the hot tub is safe for use
  • Bathers must not use the spa pool if they have had diarrhoea within the last 14 days
  • Bathers are discouraged from swallowing the spa pool water
  • It is recommended that bathers do not exceed 15 minutes immersion at a time
  • No incontinent person may use the spa pool, either with or without a waterproof nappy
  • It is recommended that the spa pool is not used after a heavy meal or while under the
    influence of alcohol or sedatives
  • Intended users suffering from diseases of the heart and circulation, skin conditions, are
    immuno-suppressed, subject to fits, or taking drugs affecting the cardiovascular or nervous
    systems, should not use spa pools without first seeking medical advice
  • Pregnant women are advised to consult with their doctor before using a spa pool
  • Never use the hot tub while using or after using narcotics or other drugs that may cause
    sleepiness, drowsiness or raise/lower blood pressure
  • At 39-40°C limit your time in the hot tub to a maximum of 20 minutes as extending this time
    can affect your inner organs and cause fever like conditions. At 36-37°C this time can be
    extended as this is body temperature and there is no risk and can heighten the dangers of
    drowning due to suction below the water line
  • Never use the hot tub alone
  • Take care when entering and leaving the hot tub. When leaving the hot tub leg, muscles
    may be relaxed enough to make you unsteady
  • If any allergic reaction occurs leave the hot tub and rinse off in the shower. If the reaction
    persists, contact reception or go to a local doctor or A&E
  • Avoid using the hot tub immediately after a heavy meal
  • Avoid entering the hot tub water immediately after exercising as the water temperature
    can affect the heart rate
  • Take care on the decking/hot tub steps as water from the tub can cause it to be slippery
  • Parents are advised that the hot tubs are not suitable for children under the age of sixteen

For any futher health & saftey information please contact The Hot Tub Warehouse on 0191 258 2220

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